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skyglyph - Technology

When Drones, Satellite and Smartphone help us on mapping, collect photos-Information, eye monitoring and some other activity, we”Skyglyph” a platform, may help us optimally to process and analyze it to be a dashboard map with some valuable content to help decision maker to manage the assets. Skyglyph support us on controlling our agrobusiness and may other business project, better, more accurate, efficient and sharp. Lets Skyglyph our business operation.

This Year we develop a Risk Management Model on Agro Insurance to strengthen Indonesia Agro Insurance Business

Management Advisory

We have experience advise on Strategic and Operation Management of some Companies. Building synergy with the client organic team to solve the problem or create Improvement activity. By practical system approach we together can get the optimal result and impact to the business.

Bio Konversi - Fertilizer

We deliver the pure organic fertilizer.
Trough Biological Technology Process, using BSF (Black Soldier Fly - Maggot), Bio Konversi , contributing in ;
Rejuvenates soil fertility by improving biological, physical and chemical conditions.
Improves cation exchange capacity and soil aeration system 
Improves leaf capability to pump nutrients from the root and stimulate root, stem and leaf growth 
Strengthens and preserves root 
Stimulates tissue mitosis on shoots, flowers and stolons 
Improves plant immunity to viruses, fungi and other diseases
Bio activator improves plant productivity

iClone - AI Application

We serve Artificial Intelligent Application for Industry Activities ; Customer Services, Inspections, Security Support, and some other specific tasks, in Airport, Hospital, Automotive, Plantation and Forestry, etc.