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SOEMITO Technology

SOEMITO Partners & Clients

Bio Konversi

We deliver the Pure Organic Fertilizer and Support to Improve Your crops
We together with skyglyph ready to involve in development of the Precision Farming toward 4.0 in Indonesia Agro Business

Tracefarm Indonesia

We support the new start up company on Agro Business Platform, currently focus on Cocoa, Coffee and Seaweed

Garuda Food

We support the Peanut Plantation with modern implementation technology to improve the productivity and quality 

Great Giant Pineapple

We support the pineapple plantation on organic fertilizer 

Viola Fibre

We deliver our organic fertilizer on growing Abaca Plantation 

Mitratani 27

We support the edamame plantation using our organic fertilizer to improve the growth and crop quality

iClone Robotics

The Artificial Intelligent Application in Various Industry and Activities